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Scientific Platform is not profit organization and it published open access, peer reviewed, research and review articles. 
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World Journal of Biotechnology

The World Journal of Biotechnology will accept research/ review manuscripts and shorts communication ranging from, nucleic acids/molecular biology, microbiology, physiology/biochemistry, medical biotechnology, agricultural and food biotechnology, genomics,  bioinformatics, environmental biotechnology, botany, biology, plant pathology, soil science, entomology, agronomy, plant breeding and genetics and horticulture.

ISSN 2518-0878  (Online)

ISSN 2518-2463 (Print)

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Journal of Security Studies and Global Politics

Journal of Security Studies and Global Politics responds to a significant gap in the existing journals in both fields, security studies and in International politics. Areas of interest would include: global politics, international relations and development, public policy, security issues, global economics, international law, terrorism, elementary and secondary schools education, political science, demography, sociology, anthropology and  philosophy

ISSN 2519-9709  (Online)

ISSN 2519-9607 (Print)

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