Altaf Hussain, Muhammad Arif, Aqleem Abbas


The aim of this study was the management of potato virus Y (PVY) in potato cv. Desiree through chemical and non-chemical methods. The experiment was carried out at the New Developmental Farm (NDF), The University of Agriculture, Peshawar during spring season, 2014 under field conditions. One of the major objectives of the experiment was to assess the effectiveness of the treatments application in their individual state as well as in combinations under field conditions. The treatments were mineral oil, insecticide, biocide and their combinations. Among various treatments, Diver was effective with disease severity level (1) and % disease incidence (40) in individual state and in combination (Diver + Confidor) and (Diver + Confidor + Neem extract) gave good results with % disease incidence (33.33) and with disease severity level (1). Neem extract was found to be less effective when used individually with % disease incidence (56.66) and with disease severity level (3), whereas Confidor when applied individually was more effective than Neem extract with % disease incidence (50) and with disease severity level (2). Moreover Diver in combination with Neem extract was found to be less effective in management of PVY as compared to Diver in combination with Confidor with % disease incidence (40) and disease severity level (1). Three aphid species were found in the field i.e Myzus persicae (Sulzer), Aphid gossypii (Glover) and Macrosiphum euphorbiae (Thomas). In case of aphid’s population, Confidor was more effective in reducing aphid’s population as compared to Diver and Neem extract. Finally, it can be concluded that Diver alone was more effective in the management of PVY. However in combination, Diver with Confidor significantly managed PVY under field conditions


PVY, Chemical method, Non- Chemical method, Management

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