• Scientific Association of Young Scholars (SAYS) is aimed at professional scholars and scientists with content that is timely, interesting, and accessible, even to those working outside their own area of expertise, it has a broad, interdisciplinary appeal and it joins all researchers of science, policy makers, resource managers, and educators.
  • The general body meeting will be announced by the President once in two years and emergency general body meeting may be called due to any special issue or event. The time, date and location will be mentioned on the website before 15 days and the secretary will inform all members about the agenda of the meeting. The term of the cabinet will for two years starting from Ist January and ending on 31st December of the following year. The current cabinet members will appoint an election committee (EC) / Commissioner to conduct elections for the new cabinet. The EC will provide the list of the candidates for the different posts and election will be conducted online or through a postal ballot. This process will be completed within 30 days and the results will be announced  a week before the expiry of the old cabinet. A candidate will be declared to have been elected by a simple majority vote. Any vacant vacancy will be filled by the President with approval of the cabinet. A person will not be eligible to join the same position for three consecutive terms.

  • The cabinet will be

    Regional Vice President
    Senior Vice President
    Joint Secretary