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Scientific Press (SMC-Private) Limited is registered from the Securiety Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)

SCIENTIFIC PRESS (SMC-PRIVATE) LIMITED has been established to distribute innovative, valuable, and high-quality scientific knowledge and information to the scientific community through its Journal. The open-access availability of all the scientific knowledge (research/ review papers, short communications, and case studies) is playing a significant role to increase the readability and recommendation of the study through citations. The quality publications of the scientific knowledge will be reviewed by the subject specialist (Reviewer and Editorial Board members) to regulate the double-blind peer-review process. The main purpose is to provide a platform for an innovative idea or research and its dispersal to the scientific community without any hindrance.
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World Journal of Biology and Biotechnology

World Journal of Biology and Biotechnology will accept research/ review manuscripts and shorts communication ranging from, biology, nucleic acids/molecular biology, microbiology, physiology/biochemistry, medical biotechnology, agricultural and food biotechnology, genomics, bioinformatics, environmental biotechnology, botany, biology, animal husbandry, agricultural sciences such as soil science, plant pathology, entomology, agronomy, plant breeding and genetics, forestry and horticulture.

Print ISSN: 2522-6746 : Online ISSN: 2522-6754

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International Journal of Cotton Research and Technology

International Journal of Cotton Research and Technology (IJCRT) aims to promote multidisciplinary research and development accomplishments regarding all aspects of Cotton science and technology in the whole cotton value chain. IJCRT is an international forum to highlight the progress in global diversified research on cotton including agricultural, technological and marketing and economic research and development in Pakistan, region and across the global cotton belt.

Agricultural disciplines include cotton agronomy, physiology, breeding & genetics, seed-technology, pathology, entomology, post-harvest technology, fiber-technology, extension, information technology, cotton value-chain analyses, etc. Technological research includes fiber and textile technologies including fiber technologies, ginning, spinning, weaving, textile technologies and engineering, fiber and fabrics testing, cotton-standardization and QC system, design and fashion technologies, etc. It will also include research and development on cotton marketing and economic research with emphasis on trade of raw-cotton, fiber, fabrics and ready-made garments.

The published articles shall be freely available for cotton students, researchers, technologists, farmers, and all other stakeholders to promote the multidisciplinary development of cotton science and technology.

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Journal of Security Studies and Global Politics

Journal of Security Studies and Global Politics responds to a significant gap in the existing journals in both fields, security studies and in International politics. Areas of interest would include: Social sciences, global politics, international relations and development, public policy, security issues, global economics, international law, terrorism, elementary and secondary schools education, political science, demography, sociology, anthropology and philosophy.

ISSN 2519-9617 (Online), ISSN 2519-9609 (Print)

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