Merit Bureaucrats, Good Governance and Innovation

Ibrahim L. Maishanu, Yahaya T. Baba, Muhammad Z Umar, Danjuma Abdullahi


This paper basically analyses bureaucrats and innovation within the context of good governance in Nigeria. The relevance of bureaucrats and innovation in improving governance is considerably desired by governmentalinstitutions with a view to increasing the socio-economic and political development in the country. The findingsof the paper reveals that, the major weaknesses with the nation’s bureaucrats among others were poor training, politics of ethnicity, lack of political will, massive corruption and lack of merit system. Thus, concludes that, bureaucrats as engine of nation’s development should demonstrate a high level of pragmatism and professionalismin their dealings. This will go a long way in positioning the country on democratic culture on the basis of the National interest in achieving effective governance in Nigeria


Bureaucracy, Good Governance, Innovation

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