Politics Among Students

Abdul Rahim, Shakeel Ahmed Roshan


The diverse reason of Political failure in the World that has been pointed out by the Researchers. The reason is to find out the root cause of its failure by the compound theories of Political Psychology , Political Socialization, Political Idealism and Political Attitude ;however my research paper will project  Politics  among students by  working out in context of producing intellect Leadership, Political Idealism , Political Vision, Formation of Policy with its effective Presentation ,Political Research with Pragmatics ,Students relentless Revolutions, Emergence pattern of Political Leadership and Political Attitude systematically . The research paper brings out the impact version of findings with Political Literate Leadership for the development of the State. The analytical and Descriptive method, is being focused for the easiness of readers of Politics so as to emphasize the new political Dimension.


Political Psychology, Political Idealism, Political Vision, Presentation, Political Research, Political Pragmatics, Political Leadership, Political Attitude

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