The human microbiome: A critical player in health and disease

Aqsa Athar, Aysham Rasool, Hamail Sahar Muzaffar, Ayesha Mahmood, Muhammad Abdullah, Zain Ali, Yusra Majeed


The human microbiome is a remarkable and sophisticated ecology made up of billions of bacteria that live in various regions of the human body, and its importance in supporting human health cannot be understated. The gut microbiome, in particular, has been widely studied and determined to have an important role in immune system regulation, digestion and absorption of nutrients, and the creation of numerous metabolites. Gut microbiome dysbiosis has been related to a variety of conditions and diseases, including metabolic disorders and inflammatory bowel disease. However, the encouraging outcomes of microbiome-based therapeutics like fecal microbiota transplantation and probiotics have given fresh hope for the treatment and prevention of many disorders. Similarly, the skin microbiome and oral microbiome have been discovered to play significant roles in pathogen protection, inflammatory regulation, and general health. Skin and mouth microbiome dysbiosis have been linked to a variety of dermatological and dental illnesses, respectively. Microbiome-based treatments, such as topical probiotics, oral probiotics, and prebiotics, have shown success in the treatment and prevention of various disorders.

The human microbiome is an intriguing and promising field of research that might lead to new ways of preserving and improving human health. We can create novel ways for preventing and treating a variety of illnesses and diseases by better understanding the intricate connections between the microbiome and the host. It is imperative to continue exploring the microbiome to discover novel and effective therapeutics to battle the increase in chronic illnesses and enhance the general health of our communities.


The human microbiome, ecosystem, gut microbiome, skin microbiome, oral microbiome, dysbiosis

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