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Assessment of high yielding local Pakistani bread wheat genotypes for improved chapati making quality

Jabeen Farheen, Farzana Nasir Naqvi


The experiment was conducted to classify the maximum glutenin protein possessed Pakistani bread wheat genotype for superlative chapati making quality by ten yield-related parameters. The studied germplasm was acquired from NARC, Pakistan, and planted in randomized-complete-block-design with four replicates at the screen house of the Genetics Department. Data were assessed via Duncan’s test, correlation analysis, SDS-PAGE, and cluster analysis. Duncan’s test conceded that Pirsabak-85 had the highest plant height, flag leaf area, biomass, grain yield plantˉ1, harvest index, and protein content. While, the correlation studies showed that plant height, tillers plantˉ1 (r = 0.649), fertile tillers plantˉ1 (r = 0.713),biomass (r = 0.861), spike length (LS), thousand-grain weight and harvest index had a positive higher significant association with grain yield plantˉ1. The SDS-PAGE analysis resolved 30 diverse high and low molecular weight bands, ranging from 200 kDa to 28 kDa glutenin subunits. Among genotypes, Pirsabak-85 showed maximum protein content and 10 Glu-1 scores. The dendrogram analysis revealed that Pirsabak-85 associated with cluster-II, which was a major and most diverged cluster. The Pirsabak-85 can be utilized to enhance bread wheat production and better chapati making quality


cluster analysis; correlation analysis; genetic variability; SDS-PAGE; Triticum aestivum; glutenin protein.

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