Comparative assessment of urea, creatinine, and blood urea nitrogen in male and female patients with different age groups of chronic kidney disease in Shaheed Benazir Abad, Sindh

Haiqa Sami, Imran Tarique, Sehrish Arain, Rida Mughal, Iqra Majeed, Rubia Saba, Jaweria Rajput, Manahil Altaf, Lal Bux


Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a heterogeneous disorder that affects the structure and function of the kidney. The primary biochemical markers for diagnosis and evaluating stages of CKD include urea (Ur), blood nitrogen urea (BUN), and creatinine (Cr).  In this study, we investigate three biochemical parameters such as Ur, BUN, and Cr levels in CKD patients’ gender-vice with different age groups. Blood samples (n = 300) of males and females were collected from the Biochemistry Lab, Peoples University of Medical and Health Science, Shaheed Benazirabad during the 2023 year. Blood samples (5ml) were collected from the individuals through venipuncture and centrifuged for further analysis. Reagent 1 (2-Oxoglutarate ADP Urease GLDH and NADH) and Reagent 2 (tris), Reagent 1 (Picric acid) and Reagent 2 (Sodium hydroxide) were used for Ur and Cr analysis. Reagent A1 (Sodium salicylate, sodium nitroprusside, phosphate buffer) Reagent A2 (Urease) reagent B (Sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide) reagent S (Glucose/Urea/Creatinine standard) used for BUN. Four age groups were studied in our research for both genders. The highest positive coefficient correlation was shown by Ur and BUN with ‘r’=0.99 in this study. The statistical analysis showed a significantly higher average value of Ur, Cr, and BUN in males comparatively than in females with the age group of 61-80 years old. Whereas in the young age group (1-20 years old), female showed a significantly higher value than in the male sex group. Our study revealed a significant variation of Ur, Cr and BUN in male and female with different age groups, as male possessed higher muscle mass with increased dietary protein intakes than females. These biochemical markers aid in the proper assessment and are used for several routine analyses of CKD with different age groups of genders


Chronic kidney disease, Urea, Creatinine, Blood urea nitrogen, Age, Sex

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