Diversity and relative abundance of braconids (Hymenoptera) among selected crops of District Faisalabad, Pakistan

Sadia Maalik, Sajida Mushtaq, Naheed Bano, Moazama Batool, Ayesha Hafeez


The present study was conducted to determine the diversity and abundance of Braconid parasitoid fauna of District Faisalabad. Four crops fodder, Brassica, vegetables and wheat, were selected for sampling where the sweep net method was applied. A total of 2553 specimens belonging to 5 genera and 10 species were recorded. Cotesia vestalis (27.99%) was the dominant species, followed by C. flavipes (25.53%), Heterospilus spp. (16.58%), C. congregate (7.07%), C. plutellae (6.71%), Bracon hebetor (5.84%), H. eurostae (5.57%), Alysia incongrua (3%), Biosteres arisanus (2.61%) and Bracon uromelas (1.11%). Significant differences were found among four crops by applying the Shannon Diversity Index and T-test. Canonical Correspondence Analysis was also applied to check the association of Braconid larval parasitoids with different crops. A  strong  association was found with fodder while the weak association was observed for wheat. Such types of studies are needed to investigate the biological diversity and richness of various insect fauna among different parts of the world


Diversity, relative abundance, braconidae, parasitoid, shannon index, per-sweep number

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33865/wjb.009.01.1125


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