Muhammad Ramzan, Unsar Naeem-Ullah, Syed Haroon Masood Bokhari, Shafia Saba


Pakistan is a place where only pesticides is considered as an effective source for control of pests and diseases, and we are using these deliberately by involving wide range of pesticides. Majority of chemicals are used in agriculture as data suggests that about 49399 million metric tons of pesticides had been used only in agriculture sector in 2010 in the country. Use of pesticides in other fields such as public health, fisheries, forestry and food industry is not included in the data. Though pesticides are useful in managing pest populations but these have adverse effects on humans, animals and ecosystems. The current work exhibits the effects of pesticides on human health in the country. Acute poisoning is one of the key issues resulted by unsafe handling and storage of pesticides in on-farm and off-farm premises in developing economies. From various areas in the country, pesticides are reported to be used as tool for suicide by teen agers due to easy access. According to department of Plant Protection (Karachi), total of 200 workers get affected showing low enzyme activity in their blood. In Multan, an adverse situation was observed as elevated levels (87.5 %) of acetylcholinesteras (AchE) activity was recorded in female cotton pickers as compared to males which have low (36 %) AchE activity because cotton is picked mostly by women in Pakistan. The aim of this work is to sum-up the weaknesses in practicing / implementing current policies and legislations for safe handling, storage and judicious use of pesticides. The acquired knowledge will later be used in making and improving the existing regulations for the subject


Pesticides, cotton, human health, Pakistan

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