Junaid Alam, Sabeeqa Usman Malik, Sobya Zaman, Memoona Wali Muhammad, Irfan Ashraf, Saeed Gulzar, Konish Kanwal, Muhammad Raza Khan


Pakistan forests have been severely affected by deforestation and degradation due immense social pressure of forest dependent communities for their livelihood. Billion Tree Afforestation Project (BTAP) is an initiative of mass afforestation by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to decrease social pressure on forests and to support forest dwellers livelihood. The current study aimed to investigate at exploring socio-economic impacts of BTAP activities on local livelihood, to determine survival and growth performance of plantation executed within district Karak and to evaluate the status of Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) in the plantation sites. Circular sample plot of 50 feet radius were used for data collection. The numbers of pits was counted and observed for the survival percentage and growth performance within the same plot. Further, the number of species as well as dry species was determined and the growth rate of the plants at different sites was recorded and comparatively analyzed. Pit density was found lesser than the required 10x10 spacing. According to 10x10 spacing the required number of pits per ha is 1075 but here it is found 663. Average regeneration per ha is estimated as 222 and major species were Prosopi sjuliflora, Zizyphus nemularia, Nannorrhopsritchiana. All the regeneration was observed outside the pits during data collection in randomly selected areas. The study indicate that only the regeneration i.e established (mean above 9 inches) were found while the un-established (below 9 inches) were not found. The study revealed that average survival rate was 93% in both Karak subdivision and in Teri range. The survival rate of Karak forest subdivision is found as 92% while that of Teri forest range it was found 93%. Species composition in plantations was also found and the percentage of each species is as followed. Acacia modesta 18% , Eucalyptus 55%,


Survival, Growth Performance, Impact of billion trees

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