Genetic variability and association study of yield attributing traits in F2 populations of American cotton

Ali Hassan, Muhammad Zubair Ishaq, Sana Munir, Munazza Abbas, Ahmad Naeem Shehzad, Habib- ur- Rehman Athar, Muhammad Shehzad Anjam, Muhammad Kamran Qureshi


Cotton is one of the most important fiber crops, grown all over the world. Genetic variability is a crucial factor from evolutionary point of view for crop species. It defines the adaptation of populations by allowing them to alter their genetic constitution in changing environment. Genetic variability in Gossypium hirsutum is declining due to selection pressure, hence causing low yield. Present study was conducted to evaluate ten parental genotypes with their F2 generations to uncover their genetic potential for yield by accessing genetic variability, heritability, genetic advance and association between fiber, yield and yield linked traits. High values of phenotypic and genotypic coefficient of variance were observed for node of first fruiting branch, monopodia per plant, boll weight, fiber strength and yield per plant. All morphological and fiber quality traits represented broad sense heritability ranging from 51% to 90%. High value of genetic advance was shown by plant height and yield per plant. Positive association of yield per plant was recorded for traits such as plant height, node of first fruiting branch, monopodia per plant, number of bolls per plant, seeds per boll, and ginning out turn. Additionally, F2 progeny of CIM-534×MNH-814 had high yield per plant along with maximum number of bolls per plant and seed per boll. So, such F2 progeny can further be explored to improve yield and yield contributing traits.


correlation, genetic advance, gene action, Gossypium hirsutum, heritability, segregating generation

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