Invitor efficacy of organic, inorganic pesticides and predators against mealybug (Phenococcus solenopsis)

Tahira Kanwal Qaisrani, Arif Ali, Shafique Ahmed Memon, Dost Muhammad Baloch


Mealybugs (Phenacoccus solenopsis) is a diverstating insect pect of agriculture crops, vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants. In the current study, the impact of synthetic pesticides (malathion, profenophos, and bifenthrin), organic plant extracts (neem, tobacco and eucalyptus) and natural enemies such as  lady bird beetle (Coccinella septempunctata), brumus beetle, (Brumus suturalis), spider (Cheiracanthium melanostomus) and green lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea) was examined on the mortality rate of mealybug. The maximum mortality rate was recorded in profenofos followed by bifenthrin and malathion, respectively. The efficacy of neem extract was recorded higher as compared to tobacco and eucalyptus. Lady bird beetle was recorded the efficient natural enemy of the mealybug as compared to green lacewing, brumus beetle and spider. The inorganic pesticides, organic plant extract and natural enemies have great potential to reduce the population of mealy bug


Mealy bug, green lace wing, lady bird beetle, neem seed, tobacco, malathion, profenophos

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