A brief report on National Coordinated Varietal Trials (NCVT) of Cotton conducted by Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC) during the season 2018

Muhammad Zahir Ahsan, Hamza Afzal, Abdul Razaque Soomro


National Coordinated Varietal Trial was conducted to evaluate the performance of the new strains for yield potential and stability. Multi-location trial consisting of 121 strains was carried out at 13 locations under different agro-climatic zones. So different genotypes behaved differently as environment was changed hence none of the genotype was found stable in any environment. Gene expression profiling was done from four designated labs. The presence of gene and trait purity was done through event specific primers in PCR and quantities profiling was conducted by ELISA test. Most of the strains showed low purity level as well as low toxin level compared to the EPA-USA recommendation (1.5μg/g). The strains claimed as non-Bt by the respective breeder also showed the presence of Bt toxins. Hence the information is very useful for breeders as well as for other cotton stakeholders to be careful while developing high yielding varieties adoptive to multi-environment and with recommended dose of toxin level. It will also be helpful for variety registration/approval and extension department for giving general and specific recommendations of crop production

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33865/IJCRT.001.01.0244


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