Influence of weather variables on Cotton Leaf Curl Disease (CLCuD) in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) planted in three districts of the Punjab

Tariq Mahmood, Irfan Jamil, Muhammad Tahir, Sabahat Hussain, Hafiz Tariq Mahmood


The effect of Cotton leaf curl virus Disease and weather variables were studied for cotton plants, planted in different times (15th up to 23rd standard (std.) weeks with 15 days intervals) during cotton season 2009. Four cotton cultivars (CIM-496, CIM-557, CIM-588 and CIM-573) were planted in split plot in three districts (Multan, Sahiwal and Bahawalpur) Punjab. Weather parameters (Temp: Max. & Min., humidity and rainfall) were recorded of each district. The cotton cultivars planted on 15th and 17th Std. weeks showed less disease expression as compared to 19th, 21st and 23rd std. weeks of the year. The CLCuD took boost up during 27th to 31st std. weeks of the year, regardless sowing date and genotypes. At three spot the cultivars planted at different dates showed non-significant behavior with respect to disease incidence except the cultivars planted at 17th and 19th, std. weeks at Bahawalpur and Sahiwal spot. Average across the varieties planted at different sowing dates showed non-significant behavior. Max air temperature (38.2 ~ 42.7°C), minimum air temperature (26.1 ~ 28.3°C) and R.H (70.1 ~ 89.2%) of three locations favored CLCuD progression. However, weather variables (maximum. & minimum temp and R.H) are slightly differ within three district of Punjab.


Cotton, Gossypium hirsutum L., Cotton leaf curl virus (CLCuV), Cotton leaf curl disease (CLCuD), sowing dates, cotton genotypes, environmental conditions

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