Behavior of Advance Cultivars of Cotton (Gossypium hirutum L.) against Cotton Leaf Curl Virus Disease (CLCuVD)

Tariq Mahmood, Muhammad Tahir, Sabahat Hussain, Muhammad Afzal


Twenty four lines of' Bt-cotton each.from private as well as public sectors and ten non-Bt­lines of both public and privates sectors were screened for  their respond to cotton leaf curl disease (CLCuVD) under natural condition. Development of CLCuVD was reco1rdi starting .from 30 days after planting  (OAP) till 120 OAP. The diseased reached to maxim after 90 - 120 DAP in all three sets. The strain BS-52 showed less disease incidence (49.3%) in set-I of private sector and strain CJM-616 also showed less susceptibility at day 60 after planting in  Set-fl   (Bt-strains  of public  sector).  Jn  Set -111 none-Bl  strains  of public  and private sectors, Cyto-124 (7.7 %) and CJM-612 (19.2 %) showed minimum disease  incidence and during 60 OAP and produced  better seed cotton yield. Data of  disease index and yield of seed cotton of all sets were regressed and showed significantly negative correlation.


Cotton, (Gossypium hirsutum), CLCuVD, lines, seed cotton yield, disease index

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