An Overview of factors affecting on cotton production

Abdul Wahab Soomro, Abdullah Keerio, Shah Nawaz Khuhro


Cotton is well prominent as “white gold” an important cash and precious crop in overall cotton growing development counties. The yield of this crop is depending upon the environment in which it is grown and management practices of the cropping system. It is noted after review of various publications of scientists that several factors are responsible which affecting cotton production, selection of cultivar should be according to environment in which it is grown, soil preparation, seed rate, plant spacing, sowing/planting dates and timely irrigation are the important factors which effect on yield. Whereas, nutrients management and crop protections are the key factors which directly affecting the plant growth and development ultimately directly responsible for decreasing yield. Along with these factors modern technology and farmer’s education play a vital role for producing quality cotton production and management of farms. Therefore, suggested that farmers should apply better management practices and follow proper time management as per practices and apply timely appropriate inputs for crop growth and development and crop protection measures for sustainable cotton production.


Cotton, production factors, cultivar selection, sowing time, nutrients, crop protection.

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