Phenotypic response of cotton genotypes for yield and fiber quality traits

Abdul Wahab Soomro


Twenty five cotton genotypes were tested with two standard check varieties in National Coordinated Varietal Trial (NCVT). The significant difference was observed among all the genotypes of yield, its contributing traits and fiber quality traits, which indicated sufficient genetic diversity were present in the material. Among the genotypes, ICI-2121, GH-Hadi and NIAB-898 are high yielding cotton genotypes, these are suggested for commercial cultivation at the environmental condition of central zone of Sindh to boost up cotton production and at the same time utilization in hybridization and breeding program to evolve high yielding variety.  For the fiber quality traits NIBA-898 and NS-191 are suitable genotypes to meet the criteria of textile sector.


Cotton genotypes, phenotypic performance, seed cotton yield and fiber traits

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