GGE-Biplot analysis of multienvironments yield trials of Egyptian cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.,)

Ahmed Mohamed Abdelmoghny, Reham Helmy Gibely, Mariz Sobhy Max, Emad Abdelazeim Amer, Salah Saber Hassan


GGE biplot technique is one of the most appropriate methods for investigating the genotype x environment interaction. A total of twenty one Egyptian cotton genotypes were tested to evaluate stability and adaptability during two agricultural years at four environments using randomized complete block design with six replications. The analysis of variance showed that the effect of environments, years, environment x years, genotypes, and genotype x environment was highly significant for lint cotton yield / plot. Also, the interaction effect due to G x Y x E was also significant. The variation of sum of squares was divided for genotypes, years, environments, and GEI to 25.261 %, 0.574 %, 36.660 % and 3.396 % respectively of total variance for lint cotton yield / plot. The analysis of environments revealed that the cotton genotypes showed maximum mean values for lint cotton yield in El-Gharbiya then Kafr El-Sheikh. Comparative performance of genotypes through genotype by environment interaction (GEI) revealed that genotypes produced maximum lint cotton yield during 2019 at El-Gharbiya followed by Kafr El-Sheikh. The results of biplot analysis showed that the first and second principle components accounted 87.96 % and 5.86 %, respectively, and in total of 93.82 % lint cotton yield variance. The polygon view led to the identification of top six genotypes. G6, G7 and G15 were the ideal genotypes which has the highest mean performance coupled with maximum stability. The ideal genotype could be used as a benchmark for selection. While, the desirable genotypes was (G2, G4 and G5) characterized by high mean yield but less ideal genotypes. E2 was the ideal environment across four environments which have the highest ability to discriminate the genotypes. Four environments had long vectors with small angles (acute) are highly correlated and clustered as one mega-environment. The cotton breeder should evaluate the genotypes under new environments to reduce the costs.   



Genotype x environment interaction, GGE-biplot, Cotton, Correlation, Stability, Adaptability

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