Destruction of cotton leaf curl virus and strategies to control it in future: A review

MMuhammad Zahir Ahsan, Usama Asif, Hafiz Sabah-ud-Din Mazhar


Cotton is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy and plays important role in it. Over the years cotton has faced many issues which effected the total yield of the crop and ultimately the economy of the country. CLCuD is one of the devastating issues that cotton has faced in the past and suffering from it in the present. It is a viral disease and transmitted by white fly sp. Bemisia.tabaci a sucking insect. CLCuV belongs to the genus Begomo virus cause this disease and is difficult to control due to its recombination abilities i.e., ability to change the complete or partial genome, alternate host feature to travel in other crops due to mix cropping system and multiple strains in different regions of the world having a different genetic makeup. Scientists developed various techniques using modern and conventional approach to control the disease which showed significant impact on the controlling the CLCuV virus. Thus, considering vast benefits of these techniques, the study was undertaken to collect all the methods implemented by researchers to control the disease and increase the production of cotton fiber over the years.


CLCuD, begomo virus, gene editing

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