Response of newly developed cotton strains for quantitative traits of upland cotton

Abdul Wahab Soomro


The study was conducted to assess the twenty-eight advance strains for yield and fiber traits. Significant difference was observed in all the genotypes for yield and fiber traits. On the basis of yield and its components, the advance strains CRIS-753, CRIS-797 and CRIS-697 found best for higher number of bolls and also given maximum seed cotton yield. Whereas there fiber traits results are low, therefore, it is suggested that such varieties could be tested at different zones for the study and improvement in fiber traits. For the character staple length only two advance strains CRIS-795 and CRIS-753 could produce acceptable staple length above from the standard. The correlation results suggested that boll weight has positive association with seed cotton yield and ginning outturn, if boll weight will be increased ultimately yield and GOT in term of lint % in boll will be increased. Positive association of bolls plant-1 was noted with seed cotton yield, if the number of bolls will be increased or decreased, similarly seed cotton yield will also be increased or decreased. Regarding the fiber traits, staple length shown positive association with fiber strength and micronaire and fiber strength also shown positive association of micronaire value, it suggests that due to increase or decrease of one trait could effect on other trait


Seed cotton yield, fiber traits, correlation, quantitative traits.

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