A Research on determining the factors affecting on seed yield in different lentil lines and cultivars (Lens culinaris Medik.) in adiyaman conditions by correlation and path coefficient analysis

Umit Girgel, Hatice Cokkizgin, Alihan Cokkizgin


This research was conducted in 2015 year in Kahramanmaras province (37°32'09.5"N 36°55'01.2"E) with 3 lentil genotypes (CAGIL, FIRAT-87, and FLIP 2005-20 L).  In the research, direct and indirect effects of yield components on seed yield were examined by correlation and path coefficient analysis. The correlation coefficients between the investigated features were found to be insignificant. According to the path coefficients, the highest positive direct effect on seed yield was determined as pod number per plant (p=4.015). On the other hand, the highest negative direct effect on seed yield was obtained from plant height (p=-3.606). The indirect effect of the seed number per plant over number of days until maturity on the seed yield was determined as the highest positive indirect effect (p=55.546%). The indirect negative highest effect on seed yield was determined in the pod number per plant over thousand seed weight (p=51.488%). As a result, the number of pods per plant should be taken into consideration by the breeders due to direct effect of it was positive and high


Path coefficient analysis, correlation, lens culinaris, lentil, genotype

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33865/wjb.006.01.0397


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